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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART


I'm sure I'm not going to be the only person to debunk this but I'd like to say it anyway.

Just because Bowser's height was measured compared to a tennis racket doesn't mean he's 4ft tall. For one the racket could have been designed specifically for a creature his size, it would be uncomfortable to hold if it was smaller and look ridiculous if it was out of proportion. And even if he was 4ft in Mario Tennis, his height is very inconsistent. Even in Super Mario Odyssey his size was constantly changing from being three or four times taller than Mario to twice as big as that.
Paper Mario Koopalings- Classic version
Edit: Thanks to :iconkoopshikinggeoshi: I have been able to update this to become more accurate. These changes include:

-Lemmy's cuffs no longer have spikes on them.
-Larry now has four fangs instead of two. I know they're quite small but I had to base them off his Super Mario Bros 3 artwork because his mouth wasn't big enough and his teeth are too slanted.
-Both Lemmy and Iggy's hair have been updated. Lemmy now has zig zags for each colour of hair and Iggy's each colour of hair is wobbly.
-Finally, Iggy is a tad taller. I couldn't make him much taller because the Koopalings are a part of the Paper Mario chibi design. I don't want to risk trying to make him much taller in case I warp his body too much and make him too tall.

A sequel to this picture I posted just recently as suggested by :iconkoopshikinggeoshi:. This is how the Koopalings would look if they debuted in the original Paper Mario and kept their retro look, kind of like how Bowser kept his retro design despite a lot of the other enemies getting modern designs.

I know these aren't the best but I tried my best. There isn't really too much else to say about this that I didn't say in the previous picture. It's pretty much the same thing but with more edits.
I DIDN'T KNOW THIS WAS A THING! This is amazing!
Apparently Caddy's additional lyrics for Who killed cock robin aren't that far from the truth.
I know people who know the episode will probably think I sound daft but the last thing I expected on a Psycho documentary that my mum was watching was the FUCKING KIRBY ANIME.
Why is there hardly any merchandise for Paper Mario or Mario & Luigi?! The merchandise that is made is either just slapping the official artwork on random objects and/or available for such a small amount of time in specific countries for something like a couple of months. The only piece of merchandise I have is a Broggy stylus and I've ordered a Superstar Saga DX enamel pin.

The only other piece of Mario and Luigi merchandise that's easily available is a Dark Bowser plush but that's a bootleg. In a way it shows that people who only care to make money on popular franchises did enough research to realise that this is an untapped market whereas Nintendo thinks nobody cares about it. It's not even like it's a recoloured Bowser, it has most of Dark Bowser's features. There was effort put into it.…

And you know what? I'm going to buy it to show support to Mario and Luigi, even if it's a bootleg. If I thought an official one was being made then I'd support that instead, but I know there won't be.

It doesn't even have to neccessarily be for new games, there are official figures for the official artwork of Mario Bros, Super Mario World, Super Mario Bros 3 and countless merchandise based on retro sprites.

So my final question in this journal is that what is your idea for Paper Mario or Mario and Luigi themed merchandise? What type of merchandise would you like to see from either series?


No Requests by Enjoumou Closed PComms by Enjoumou Hold Trades by Enjoumou


Rather than talking about myself I'm going to talk about the art I draw and if you want a picture from me:

Pictures I will draw for people:
I will draw a lot of things, but I do have some exceptions:

1. Nothing that would be considered nsfw
2. No nudity. Censored or uncensored.
3. If there are too many characters for one picture then I will have to draw multiple pictures. But you will have to offer more to me.
4. I will draw characters or pictures from most franchises. My only exceptions for now are My Little Pony (I just don't understand why it's so popular) or Jeff the Killer (It's a long story)

Now for the conditions I will draw the pictures:

Requests-NOO! I will not do them. Begging will certainly not get me to do said request.

Gifts-Yes. But only for people I want to draw gifts for. I don't like people begging for presents.

Commissions-Yes. But only point commissions. At least now. You will have to pay me before I will start your picture. I will draw it but if I don't for about a month then please remind me. Don't remind me every day, that will put me off from drawing it sooner. These are going to be the current prices for pictures:
It will be 10 points for most characters.
If a character is incredibly detailed/ harder to draw then that 10 more points will be added.
If a character is rather large then 10 more points will be added for that character.

Collabs: I am accepting those. Although there will be certain circumstances.
First off I will only do it if I am happy drawing it as well. If it's a theme I'm not interested in I will deny it.
If it's a digital picture then you will have to do the digital bits while I do traditional art.
If you want me to colour a picture then my colouring will be traditional.
If it's a two picture drawing I would prefer you to combine the two pictures rather than me.

Art trades-Yes. But under certain conditions:
If I don't like your art style then I will unfortunately deny an art trade. You don't necessarily have to be on par with me in terms of art but I will deny some people for art trades, as much as it hurts me.
I don't accept quickly done base pictures as part of an art trade. I expect you to put in time and effort like I would for your picture. I will accept these types of pictures if you put in enough effort when drawing on a base and if you do edit a sprite, I would rather be more than just a recolour.
If you draw a black and white picture for me, I will draw a black and white picture back.
Please don't ask constantly for art trades.
As a similar rule to commissions, you will have to draw my picture first but if I haven't drawn your picture after a while then tell me. The only time I'll draw the picture first is if I know I can rely on you to draw for me.

If you ask for a picture and I reply, Please respond no matter what I say. The same if I ask if I can have a picture from you. I've asked for pictures in the past but no one has replied.

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